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Tuesday 1 September, 13:30 to 15:30 - Room C-D

Food, sustainability & plant science: a global challenge


Previewing the 10th EMBO/EMBL Conference on Science & Society to be held in Heidelberg, 6-7 November 2009.


Three invited speakers from the upcoming conference will examine the future of sustainable agriculture from the perspectives of plant science, technology and society.


How can science contribute to addressing global challenges such as the requirement to feed a growing population, climate change and biological threats to yields?


How can the public make an informed decision whether the new technologies are safe and effective in the battle against hunger?


Hermann Bujard - Introduction
 Director, EMBO, Heidelberg, DE
13:40-14:10Klaus Hahlbrock
 Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
 Cologne, DE
14:10-14:40Marc Van Montagu
 Institute of Plant Biotechnology for Developing Countries
 Ghent University, BE
14:40-15:10Matin Qaim
 Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development
 University of Göttingen, DE
15:10-15:30Open discussion

Please click on the names for more information about the speakers and their talks.