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updated: 25.08.2009


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Programme Overview


Special Lectures
Keynotes & Plenaries
Poster Sessions


Special Lectures

Keynote Lectures

Plenary Lectures

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There are 21 workshops taking place on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. See the topics below and more details about the chairs, additional speakers and locations can be found here.

Sunday 30 August, 15:30 - 18:00
Small regulatory RNAs Cell death
DNA damage & repair Structural proteins of the Golgi
TOR signalling Functional genomics
Innate immunity
Monday 31 August, 15:30 - 18:00
Trafficking & transport at cell membranes Cell adhesion & communication development
Chromatin dynamics, modification & gene expression Proteomics & cell biology
Protein machines The cell cycle

Zebrafish in the study of development & disease

Tuesday 1 September, 15:30 - 18:00

Host-pathogen interactions

Small GTPases: from molecules to systems
Meiotic recombination

Lipids & membrane organisation


Cell polarity

Protein modification by SUMOylation & ubiquitylation

Poster Sessions


  • The poster boards are located in the Exhibition Hall.
  • For presenters - full details about dimensions and other instructions can be found here.
  • The abstracts will not published on the website or in any electronic format.
  • According to the EMBO policy, photography is not permitted in the poster area unless permission is granted by the authors.
  • Download PDF version of the Poster Session Table here.
  • In order to avoid over-crowding, poster presenters are requested to stand with their posters for half the session as stated in the timetable below:
Poster Session A — Sunday 30 August
Even number posters 12:45 – 14:10
Odd number posters 14:10 – 15:30
Cell & tissue architecture A001-A020; plus late abstracts: A150-A151
Genomic & computational biology A021-A025 plus late abstract: A152
Membranes & transport A026-A085; plus late abstracts: A153-A162
Proteins & biochemistry A086-A124; plus late abstracts: A163-A169
Structural biology & biophysics A125-A139; plus late abstracts: A170-A171
Systems biology A140-A149; no late abstracts
Poster Session B — Monday 31 August
Even number posters 12:30 – 14:15
Odd number posters 14:15 – 15:30
Chromatin & transcription B001-B0023; no late abstracts
Genome stability & dynamics B024-B043; plus late abstract: B151
Immunology B044-B060; plus late abstracts: B152-B154
Microbiology, virology & pathogens B061-B088; plus late abstracts: B155-B159
Molecular medicine B089-B124; plus late abstracts: B160-B167
Plant biology B125-B126; no late abstracts
RNA B127-B150; plus late abstract: B168
Poster Session C — Tuesday 1 September
Even number posters 12:30 – 14:15
Odd number posters 14:15 – 15:30
Cell cycle C001-C040; plus late abstracts: C159-C160
Cellular metabolism C041-C045; no late abstracts
Development C046-C062; plus late abstracts: C161-C164
Differentiation & death C063-C086; plus late abstracts: C165-C168
Neuroscience C087-C098; plus late abstract: C169
Signal transduction C099-C158; plus late abstracts: C170-C184


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