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Neural stem cells in the developing & adult mammalian brain

Saturday 29 August from 15:30 to 17:30

The refutation of the dogma that new neurons cannot be generated in the adult mammalian brain is a major breakthrough in the field of cell biology of the last decades. As such, neurogenesis has attracted the attention of many scientists with the goal to understand the physiological relevance of this process and whether this can be manipulated for regenerative therapies. In this mini-symposium we sought to present an overview on neurogenesis in the mammalian brain. This will include studies during both embryonic development and adulthood, which are fundamental areas to understand brain formation, function, renewal, and, perhaps in future, repair of the CNS.


Chairs: Federico Calegari & Marius Ader (CRTD, Dresden, DE)


Confirmed speakers for this subgroup meeting are: Paolo Salomoni (MRC, Leicester, UK), Victor Tarabykin (MPI, Göttingen, DE), Verdon Taylor (MPI, Freiburg, DE), and Sebastian Jessberger (ETH, Zürich, CH).


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Marius Ader

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